Cannon Digi-Troll 5

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The Cannon Digi-Troll 5 Electric Downrigger features keypad controls with an integrated LCD screen, the fastest retrieval rate on the market (250 feet per minute) and a Short-Stop feature that protects the boat from swinging weight. The Digi-Troll 5 includes mounting base, low-profile swivel base, and a telescopic stainless steel boom that extends from 24″ to 53″.

Digi-Troll is built tougher and smarter to make you a better angler. Cannon Edge Design features fewer moving parts, one-piece composite construction, a redesigned boom end, protected circuit boards, and easy access to the spool, switches, plugs and mounting knobs.

– 250-feet-per-minute retrieval rate is the fastest in the industry
– Short-Stop – at the push of button, Short Stop automatically retrieves the weight and stops it at the waterline, so you can get back to fishing without worrying about boat damage from swinging weights
– WaterLine Zero lets you keep your weight at a set depthe below the surface
– Positive Ion Control emits positive ions from the cable to combat the negative ions from your boat, creating a fish-attracting field of energy
– Intergraded LCD keypad control allows push button control of lowering and raising the weight, controlling the depth and ability to program the exact amount of line you’re using for increased accuracy
– Heavy-duty telescopic boom extends from 24″ to 53″
– Digital depth counter
– Includes two dual axis adjustable rod holders
– Easy spool access
– Includes mounting base and low-profile swivel base
– Includes line release and 400 feet of 150-lb test stainless steel cable
– IP68 waterproof connections
– Integrated ball storage hook
– 20-lb weight capacity
– Corrosion-resistant construction
– Limited lifetime warranty

4 reviews for Cannon Digi-Troll 5

  1. Webmaster

    Very nice and well worth it!
    We use these downriggers to retrieve dredges offshore trolling. used with a block and tackle setup, this is an amazing piece to use. makes dredge fishing so much easier and that means more fish, hopefully!

  2. Webmaster

    Years ago I started off with Scotty manual downriggers, and they worked. Switched to Cannon Mini-Mag 2’s. Definitely an improvement over manuals as most of my fishing is at 60′ plus. After 7 years, now upgraded to the Cannon Digi-Troll 5 Electric Downriggers and all I can say is – wow! The speed on the drop and retrieval, even from 130′ plus is excellent. Easy to program and the quality of build is what should be expected from Cannon Downriggers.

  3. Webmaster

    I can tell you these are the best Downriggers I’ve ever owned

    I have a pair of w digi-troll 5 on a 17′ Alumaweld Stryker and fish Pyramid Lake on a regular basis. I can tell you these are the best Downriggers I’ve ever owned. I had Walkers that I returned to Cabellas and four Scotty downriggers collecting dust in my garage. I will be selling my Scotties on Craigslist. I don’t have a hummingbird fish finder and don’t really care about the integration. My fish finder is a Lowrance Gen3 and I wouldn’t trade it for hummingbird.

    Scotties use a free fall feature to drop the rigger weight and the lines pops the clip if your not careful. Cannon riggers lower the weight really smooth. I love the weight retrieve in the cannon, it’s attached to the downrigger and easy to pull a 10lb weight close to the boat. I don’t know much about the positive ion feature to attract more salmon but my catch rate has gone up. Yes, they are expensive but in my opinion, well worth the investment.

  4. Webmaster

    IMO, the Digi-Troll 5 is the best downrigger out there, if you are willing to chunk out the $$ for the bling. I found a pair on craigslist earlier in the year, so I upgraded, but haven’t used them all that much with a hectic summer work schedule. I like the jig feature, and the auto up/down memory system is pretty slick too. I Haven’t bought the additional transducer to get the bottom track working, but it looks great for winter blackmouth.

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